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Statement of Faith

Zion Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran church whose aim is to uphold the Biblical teachings and Christian values which God restored to the world through the Lutheran Reformation. We proclaim to a world dead in sins that salvation is a gift of God’s grace; that Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, paid the full sacrificial price – His very life – so that the free gift of salvation could be ours. We teach that the Holy Spirit works in individual hearts the repentance and faith through which one receives the blessings of Christ’s salvation. The foundation for such saving faith is the Bible – God’s holy, verbally inspired, inerrant, and unchangeable Word. Since “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God,” it is completely reliable, trustworthy, and true. It is the only source for faith and life.

Zion Lutheran Church is a member of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC). The CLC aims to be what its name implies — a church that continues to uphold the scriptural teachings and Christian values which God restored through the Lutheran Reformation of 1517. Drawn from Scripture, the historic Lutheran Confessions make it clear that salvation is a gift of God’s grace for the sake of Jesus Christ, who paid the price — His life — for that gift. It is also clear that the Holy Spirit works repentance and kindles the faith through which one receives the blessings of salvation.

The following are a set of the core tenets presented by Scripture in which we believe, teach, and confess:

  • The Bible is God’s verbally inspired Word and is the only sure guide to heaven.
  • The God of the Bible, the Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the only true God.
  • Jesus Christ, born at Bethlehem, crucified on Calvary, and risen from the dead, is the son of God and therefore true God himself.
  • We are sinful and deserve eternal damnation. Left to ourselves, we can do nothing to save ourselves.
  • Jesus Christ, by His life and death, has procured for us forgiveness of sin and has purchased for us eternal life. This is confirmed in His resurrection. Through the Gospel eternal life is now offered to everyone as a free gift of God.
  • Infants, as well as adults, should be baptized. It is through Baptism that the pardon procured by Christ is extended to the person who is baptized.
  • According to His wisdom and love, God answers every prayer addressed to Him in faith in the name of Jesus.
  • The hereafter consists of heaven for the true believers and hell for the unbelievers, and that both are without end. Faith in Christ at the end of life will lead to heaven, while unbelief at the end of life will lead to hell.
  • In Holy Communion the true body and blood of Christ are received with the bread and wine. Those who partake of it in true repentance and faith receive the forgiveness procured for all by Christ.

Of course, there are more teachings provided by God’s Holy Word, none of which should be dropped or disregarded. We encourage all to read the Scriptures and search for these teachings. We, Zion Lutheran Church, would be more than happy to help you in learning from the pages of God’s Holy Word His Holy will and His saving grace offered to us. Feel free to reach out to us by means of the contact information provided on our website.